health issues 1

hello , i see i havent been in for a while mmmmmm.
i recently was required to get a cpap machine , which is a challenge getting used to.
a year ago it came to my attention ,that my snoring was loud enough for the neighbours to hear and i am not talking about the next door but over the road etc. thanks to their waking me up by banging/shaking the windows etc .
i did eventually go and and see a sleep specialist ,who refered me on to the sleep lab at box hill hospital where i went an overnite stay for tests which was bizarre in the least . with all these wires and probes attached to me and a moniter with microphone and everytime you had to go to the loo i had to unassemble or untangle myself with the assistants help .oh blimey . mind you i dont think i slept much that nite . but the next morning when they let me go at 7am (so early) they said they had enough data on me to work on . oh yeah .
eventually when they did get back to me ,i had to go back into the sleep lab to get fitted and shown how to use one of their cpap machines – the staff were good but hard to undertand due to heavy asian accents – for a week. then when i took it back to them thankfully the staff member was very aussie. and then hire one from a supplier in mitcham and do they cost but got one that was going with a spcial price . if you were to buy one you would need at least a couple of thousand dollars – yeah right – as if i had that much.
in the mean time before i got the machine , i was using a snorers spray which cost about 19 dollars from coles and that smeed to be the cheapest place . but the question was and i still really dont know if it worked .
so will see if the machine works , it can get noisy at times and uncomfotable too. i have to take make next week ,so they can see how i am going with it and probably have a look at the data . so i am still learning .

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words of wisdom

‘Arm yourself with prayer rather than a sword;wear humility rather than fine clothes,’ ‘ i kept on digging the hole deeper and deeper looking for the treasure chest until i finally my head, looked up and realised that i had dug my own grave.’ St Dominic

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the mystery of plumbing.
a pipe burst in a doctor’s house. he called a plumber . the plumber arrived, unpacked his tools, did mysterious plumber-type things for a while, and handed the doctor a bill for $600.
The doctor exclaimed ,’ This is ridiculous! I dont even make that much as a doctor’
The plumber quietly answered ‘Neither did i ,when i was a doctor’.

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now 2013

i see i havent been in for a while, last few times i was in i was talking about the australian weather, well i am about to do it again . oh dear, well as everyone knows we had a bit of a drought for a few years and then we got heaps of rain and now guess what, the dryness ,the heat we getting this summer so early has brought on the bush fires again . sadly a town down in tasmania almost wiped out , no one seems to of lost thier life but isnt losing your house and everything in it as much the same in a sad way . then you get the bush fire in the west district of victoria in a pine plantation ,the fire fighters have to keep an eye on that one as they dont want it to get out out of hand , then the other surprise fires round the state . then you see nsw has about 150 fires going wow , and the sun is still letting out all this heat . it is good when we in victoria did get a couple of cooler days ,so just wonder when all these fires will be out.

today being a cooler day thanks goodness as i going to a funeral to go to of a family friend at croydon . and it was such a beautiful celebration the ladys life ,wow 10 priests concelebrating and a very full church . i did know 2 of the priests personally , and had heard of 3 others . i sat next to my mums brother and his wife – good to catch up with them and a few  others who were there as well .

yesterday afternoon i got a phone call , some company i had sent my resume to about 6 months ago asking me to come in for a chat about a temp or casual job they had as this time of year in their busy season . so i go in there this afternoon , they had got behind on their filing etc so needed someone for a week or so ,so that cool . well its work and more experience for me and who knows where it could lead in the future.

tomorrow i think is going to be another hot one , so i just think i may lay low .


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todays news

just an update to the australian weather and the floods – well there will be plenty of updates in the months to come i can see- state of emergency declared for the nsw city of wagga wagga and other towns along the murrumbridgee river – people have been evacuted – sandbagging continues down stream and along other rivers – cattle etc have been moved to higher ground.

so the same goes for much of the victorian towns along the murray and the goulburn and some smaller rivers – the rain has stopped for the moment but the water has to go somewhere ?

today on the news heard that southern qld had some bad weather, so more rain means more floodeed rivers , i think some of them lead down to lake eyre – but i will have to check that.   

meanwhile in melbourne today ,there were a couple of brief showers this morning . but it was a nice sunny day . but have heard there will be more rain on the next w/e which is moomba long w/e so public holiday .


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aussie weather

as we in oz have a varied weather pattern u never know what could happen each day around the country . as it happens the last couple of weeks have been very wet in some areas like qld, nsw and vic. you wouldnt expect places like tumut and cooma that are up in the hill country ,to get flooded but they have. so right along the murray up there the water is just streaming down all those rivers ,and flooding towns ,and then downstream flooding the farmlands of the flatter areas.

have also heard stories of sandbaggin goin on around the shepparton area ,round the goulburn river area . and the albury area including nathalia and wangaratta.  there was supposed to be a afl game between essendon and st kilda yesterday at wangarrata,but the plane with the players on couldnt even land.

at least the rain held off in melb today ,which was good but that sun had a bit of bite in it. this afternoon the local historical society that i am involved with ,had the offical opening of our new home at the old court house. we moved in last year but had other things to do before hand. but it was a good day with a good crowd and a lot of food round .

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a pastor grabbed a man as he was leaving the service and said to him, ” you need to join the army of the Lord.”
“I’m already in the army of the Lord”, the man replied.
” then how come i dont see you except at Christmas and Easter ?” asked the pastor.
The man whispered , ” i”m in the secrest service”.

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todays game

wow todays aussie rules grandfinal was today between collingwood and geelong . well what a game ,thank goodness geelong won . there are just too many feral pies supporters out there . during the season i am usually an essendon supporter ,we did ok this year just making it into the finals .

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irish humour

casey – “i have six racehorses. last week one of them died . i wasnt upset. it’s the first time i’ve seen any of them finish.”

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election campaign

as we roll into the final week – thank goodness – of the federal election campaign ,one can only wonder about the real issues . are they being dealt with ?

but if i go back to how it came about – we all knew that there was one coming up maybe early next year . but as the media tell us that one nite in canberra a couple of months ago the alp grey behind the scenes / counting men decided the then prime minister had done his dash and as i see it convinced the then deputy pm to run for leadership – so the next day they had a spill and we had a new pm – a female one at that.    and she wanted the country to move forward and then caouple of weeks later announced a federal election for aug 21.

so then it has bbeen on for young and old – the various isses have been dealt with , and so around the country the kissing babies in marginal seats has been on the go . both the major parties continually having goes at each other — alot of counter bantering goin on . both saying they will put in so much money into different issues – but i just wonder where will they get the money from maybe our taxes at work .

there has been talk about immigration – the asylum seekers in their little boats that come across the oceans with people from once war torn countries hopeing to start life anew here . but do they realise they have to go thru the paper work of red tape and investigation once they get here. to me the country seems to be sinking with all the people on this island ….

then there is the global financial crisis and the countrys economy and harsh unemployment to go with it .

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